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Most people will think of buying only pre-owned jewellery as their last resort – to save money as pre-owned jewellery are often more affordable than first hand jewellery pieces. However, there are many other great reasons why purchasing pre-owned jewellery can be the right decision for you.

1. Better pricing and value

For sure buying pre-owned jewellery allows you to save money as you could get a beautiful piece of jewellery at a fraction of its price. Most pre-owned jewellery items can be up to 50% of its original retail price. Now who doesn’t like saving money?

2. Appreciating its culture and history

One of the key advantages of buying pre-owned jewellery is the opportunity to own a vintage piece of jewellery whose design might not even be available anymore. Often, the more vintage it is, the more likely that it was specially hand crafted by a skilled professional. Not only that, each jewellery piece represents a part of history that you might not know. For example, MoneyMax sells Peranankan gold jewellery that are deeply embedded with historical and cultural significance.

3. As good as new

Pre-owned jewellery can also be just as good. Pre-owned jewellery are always refurbished and cleaned before retailing it out again. Frankly, most people cannot tell the difference between a brand new piece and a pre-owned piece of jewellery. MoneyMax assures all customers that our jewellery comes with professional authentication and cleaning and specially curated to present our customers with the best looking jewellery pieces.

4. Unique

Pre-owned jewellery are often unique pieces which can really help you in developing your own style. Each piece of jewellery has its own distinct personality and when you are looking at pre-owned jewellery, they are likely items that are more vintage, and pieces that are not retailing in the market anymore. Pre-owned jewellery can very well compliment your own unique sense of style.


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