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5 tips to ensure that your Luxury Bag last for years


You have probably splurged on your dream luxury bag, and expect it to last for years. However, to make it last and keep it in shape, there are certain tricks you need to learn in order to retain its beautiful state. Here are 5 tips to that can help you prolong the life of your investment. 

1. Stuff your luxury bag with paper stuffing

In order to keep your bag in shape, keep your bag stuffed with paper. Pay attention to the corners. Be sure to ensure that the bag is also free and clear of other objects that might change its form. 

2. Store in an upright position

It is most ideal to place your luxury bag in an upright position on a shelve. It is also best to keep them in dust bags or in a cotton pillowcase. Never store them in plastic or vinyl bags as these traps moisture and may cause mould to form.

3. Use a bag organizer

Using a bag organizer will ensure that your cosmetics, liquids from your perfume are kept upright. This reduces the risk of you staining your luxury bag with lipstick or pen inks that may be a nightmare to remove.

4. Use the right conditioner to care for your bag

Using a conditioner regularly keeps your luxury bag in good condition. This also prevents the leather from cracking and helps restores the condition of the leather’s fibers, and keeps the material supple.

5.Clean them on a regular basis

If you use your luxury bag regularly, wipe both the interior and exterior of your luxury bag down weekly with a soft cloth. It is also important to invest in a good bag cleaner, and you should never use any other regular household cleaners to clean your bag. To ensure that the cleaner doesn’t harm your bag’s material, test it on a small, inconspicuous area before using throughout your whole bag.