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Cleaning your jewellery every few weeks is an important step to keeping it looking beautiful. Without regular cleaning, they could lose their sparkle and shine.

Here are five simple steps to ensure that your jewellery maintains its shine. 

1. Choose the right cleaning product

There are different types of metals used in jewellery and not all metals can be cleaned the same way. For example, for gold, it might darken over time and the best cleaning solution with lots of ammonia and water. This can also be used to clean platinum jewellery too. Do note that ammonia is quite a strong solution and it is best if you can go to a professional cleaning service for your gold and platinum jewellery.

It is also good if you can go back to the jeweller whom you bought your jewellery from and ask for their expert advice. For MoneyMax, if you buy any jewellery from us, we provide free cleaning service for your jewellery!

2. Check for dust and clean with a soft brush

Before using any cleaning solution, do make sure to dust off the piece and clean out any particles with a soft brush. It's important that you use a brush so that you do not scratch your jewellery.

3. Use a soft cloth to apply your jewellery cleaner 

Make sure you apply the cleaning solution onto a soft cloth and gently rub to clean. The cloth needs only to be slightly damp and not too wet.  

4. Dry the ring

After cleaning the jewellery, please make sure it is completely dry as leaving moisture on the jewellery piece can be damaging. You can also flip it upside down for a few minutes to ensure that no liquid is left especially in the setting. This will definitely ruin the jewellery piece in the long run.

5. Polish the jewellery

One last step to do is to perhaps polish the jewellery with a special cloth which you will need to go to a jewellery store to purchase. The polishing cloth is not that expensive and can help add back that additional shine to your jewellery piece. This is optional but I ensure you it does make a difference to your jewellery!

Hope these little tips for will help you better care for your jewellery and give your jewellery a new sparkle.