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I’m sure most of you will know the brand Cartier, but here are 8 trivia facts about Cartier that are sure to give you new revelations

1. Louis Cartier was the first to successfully use platinum in jewellery-making.

2. Cartier was also the first watchmaker to popularize the wristwatch. His longtime friend Alberto Santos-Dumont inspired him to create a wristwatch for him as the pocket watch was difficult to read while trying to record flight times.  This is now the famous Santos collection.

3. Louis Cartier produced the designs for mystery clocks that were first invented by Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin in the 19th century. The hands appear to float as if unattached to any apparatus.

4. Cartier was famously crowned “Jeweller of kings and king of jewellers” by King Edward VII of England.

5. Cartier’s New York flagship store was acquired with two strings of Cartier pearls. Till this day, Cartier’s New York flagship store is still at 5th Avenue location.

6. The iconic Love bracelet was designed in 1969 by Also Cipullo.Cipullo intentionally design the bracelet to have a locking mechanism so as to ensure that the bracelet stays secured around the wearers’ wrist until they should decide to remove it.

7. Cartier is one of the two jewellery brands that are in the top 100 global brands.

8. The Panthere design was developed using a method called fur setting to create the perfect representation of the panther’s fur. The process involves setting the stones in small wires made of precious metals.