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999 VS 916 GOLD

In regards to buying gold or gold jewellery, customers might not understand gold grading very well. In this blog post, we will try to identify some common questions we have and equip you with the answers.

1. What is the difference between 999 gold and 916 gold?

The numbers refer to the amount of gold content expressed as a percentage.

For example, if a gold chain has been stamped with a 999 label, it means that the gold content is 99.9% of the total metal composition. The table below gives a concise view of the types of gold typically found in the market today and their characteristics:

2. When should I buy a particular gold grade?

To determine which gold grade jewellery to buy, here are some considerations:

a) Price: The greater gold content, the more expensive it gets

b) Lifestyle: If you intend to purchase for daily wear, 916 gold might be a more suitable choice as 999 gold is highly malleable and may go out of shape through rough wear and accidental knocking.

c) Colour preference: 999 and 916 gold jewellery usually comes in one standard colour - yellow. For those who prefer other colours like white gold or rose gold which are more often among the 14K or 18K gold jewellery selections.

d) Purpose: If a customer intends to buy the gold jewellery as a keepsake and investment, it would be worthwhile to buy jewellery of a higher gold grade as it is a worthy investment.

With all these information, you will be able to know the worth of your gold jewellery/items better. If you want to know how much your current gold jewellery/items are worth, feel free to use our online pawning system for a convenient and free valuation at your comfort! You’re also most welcome to come down to any of our stores for a more accurate valuation with our professional and expert valuers. To view a list of our outlets, click here.