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Eyeing that Rolex timepiece? Or looking for a diamond necklace to wear for a dinner function? MoneyMax offers pre-loved luxury items at a price that you can afford.

Buying pre-loved items have risen in popularity in recent years and have shown that they are often preserved well and still in good quality. At MoneyMax, we make sure that all the items are inspected by our in-house experts for authentication, cleaned and polished thoroughly.

Sometimes through shopping for pre-loved items you will get to find rare and unique pieces. You might chance upon a vintage peranankan gold jewellery piece or a 1960s ring design are all exciting possibilities while you shop for pre-loved luxury items. You’ll never know what surprise you’ll find!

Best of all, get to own a luxury item at a price that you are comfortable with. No more breaking the bank or saving up for months to get a nice Rolex timepiece.

Interested to view our collection of luxury timepieces and jewellery collection? Click here to go to our online shopping site.