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Rose gold with its pinkish blush compliments all skin tones and remains classy and elegant. Rose gold is a mixture of pure gold and copper and this allows rose gold to be much more durable than pure gold which is very soft.

Now how do you tell the difference between rose gold and copper?

Copper on its own is darker, browner colour compared to rose gold. The higher the gold content, the lighter the rose gold will be. The same is true that the higher the copper content, the darker the rose gold will be. But don’t be fooled by fake rose gold, if there’s discolouration, it’s likely to be copper than rose gold.

Another way to check if it’s real rose gold is to look for a hallmark. All jewellery will have a hallmark on the amount of karat gold. There is no such thing as a pure rose gold, so if you see anything from 20-24k, it is definitely a fake rose gold ring.

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