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Cartier Santos 100


Recently, MoneyMax received this beautiful Cartier Santos 100 watch and here’s something interesting. Louis Cartier, a famous French watchmaker and part of the Cartier family designed this watch for his friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, an aviator. Santos-Dumont wanted a watch that allows him to check the time while flying which the pocket watch at the point of time wasn’t suitable. Thus, Louis Cartier created and designed the now iconic Santos wristwatch for him in 1904 which is the first wristwatch for men. Soon after, the Santos collection became Cartier’s first commercial production of wristwatches.

The Santos 100 design is also much well-loved due its unique features. The rounded angles and exposed screws of the dial made it unique and different from other timepieces. Another way to recognise is to look at the dial which has the signature Cartier Roman numerals which include the incorrect IIII at four o'clock. This is purposefully done to allow the markers on the right to match the ones on the left symmetrically.

If you’re interested in this watch, MoneyMax is currently selling a pre-owned Cartier Santos 100 timepiece at an affordable price. Do visit the e-shop section to view other unique luxury timepieces too!