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Why do the Chinese love Jade?

jade flatlay

Jade, or Yu, has a rich lustre and is prized by Chinese as one of the most valuable precious stones.

Gifting of jade jewellery has remained popular among Chinese until today, and it is often bought as a lucky charm in the form of a bangle, bracelet or pendant. It is also believed that the more jade is worn, the purer and clearer it becomes. If the jade becomes cloudy or dull in colour, it indicates that there is a lot of negativity being absorbed by the jade.

Here are some other meanings behind the beautiful precious stone that makes it so popular:

  1. Jade’s green color represents PURITY and LOYALTY
  2. Jade’s extreme hardness represents INTELLIGENCE
  3. Jade’s clarity and brightness represents HEAVEN
  4. The substance that makes up the piece of jade represents the EARTH
  5. Jade produces a sound when striked, and it represents MUSIC

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