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A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal that is mostly scratch-resistant and has beautiful clarity and colour. The value of a gemstone is usually defined based on rarity and quality of the mineral. There are over 200 different types of gemstones but this article will focus more on the 5 more popular gemstones.





Sapphire is the most precious and valuable blue gemstone. It is very desirable due to its excellent colour, durability and lustre. The only other natural gemstone harder than Sapphire is Diamond! Sapphire though commonly known to be blue in colour, it actually comes in many different colours such as yellow, green or purple.



Ruby is easily distinguished due to its bright red colour and it is arguably the most famous red gemstone around. Rubies are extremely valuable as it very durable, hard and rare. A large transparent ruby can be even rarer than diamonds. It has the same properties as Sapphire except for its colour properties.



Emerald is widely known as the green gemstone and the deep green colour is caused by traces of the element chromium and sometimes, vanadium too. Emerald  has two different kinds – the more transparent ones which are extremely valuable or the more opaque or semi-opaque ones which are more common and not so valuable.




Jade is known as the green ornamental stone and its colour ranges from very light green to dark green but it can also come in other colours. There are actually two types of jade – one that comes from the mineral Jadeite and the other that comes from the mineral Nephrite. These two minerals are identical in appearance and have almost similar physical properties and their only distinction will be their colour. Nephrite normally comes in colours like green, cream or white while Jadeite colours can range through the colour spectrum.



Pearl has been highly valued for their allure and beauty and was deemed to be extremely valuable due to its difficulty in extracting them in the past. Pearls are organic which means that they are formed by living organisms. They are formed within the soft tissue layer of mollusks such as oysters and mussels. Pearls are extremely versatile and its white beauty is a classic in many fashion jewellery pieces.