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Based on Forbes (November 2014), Rolex is the 72nd most valuable brand in the world and is valued at US7.7 billion. The word Rolex is now synonymous with luxury watches around the world and it is no wonder why everybody would want to own a Rolex watch if they could afford to.


Over the years, there are an increasing amount of high quality fake Rolex watches around and they look deceptively similar. To know the difference between a real and fake Rolex will require more knowledge than just recognizing the Rolex symbol. So here are some general tips to guide you in making a more discerned choice.

1. Magnification

  • Most Rolex watches have a magnification glass window above the date. This is called “Cyclops”. The Cyclops lens will magnify the date by 2.5x the normal size and the date will fit nicely within the cyclops right in the middle. So if you find it hard to read the date, it might not be an authentic Rolex.


2. Case Back

  • If you see a glass crystal on the case back where you can actually see the movement, the watch is most likely a fake. Rolex case backs are mostly plain metal unless it’s one of the very rare 1030 see through Rolex watches.


3. Rolex Ticking Sound

  • The second hand of a Rolex watch will move smoothly and will not have the audible ticking sound when it moves unless you bring it close to your ear. Another thing is that the second hand seems as if it is sweeping across the watch as compared to a quartz watch movement.



These three points are only some ways to differentiate between a real and a fake Rolex watch. To be sure, it is always better to go to a professional Valuer for a more accurate appraisal. If you are interested to purchase a pre-owned Rolex watch, feel free to shop around on our MoneyMax Online E-Shop or give us a call to enquire for more details.

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