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Investing in Gold


Gold is the most popular and valuable form of precious metal. If you have not started investing in gold, it is about time!

Gold prices have been on a steady increase over the years and many have started investing in this precious metal.

Why should we invest in gold?

  1. Gold is a universal commodity, and can be converted into cash in most parts of the world.
  2. Paper currency constantly fluctuates in value, driven up and down because of unpredictable political and social circumstances. Unlike paper money, gold cannot be printed. There is only a certain amount of it in the world and it is less likely to be negatively affected by inflation or falling currency values.
  3. Gold might become more valuable because they become more scarce. The continuous mining of gold will produce less gold as years pass, and this in turn may drive gold prices up.

Should I invest in gold bars or gold coins?

Gold coins are mostly produced by the government’s mint, whereas gold bars are produced by private mints. Compared to gold bars, the premiums for coins are generally higher because of their collectability, rarity and status as legal tender.  Today, serious investors find that gold bars are also a more efficient way of investment as compared to gold coins.

Where can we purchase gold bars?

MoneyMax offers a range of investment grade gold coins and gold bars for sale at highly competitive pricings.  Customers can also be rest assured that these precious metals undergo careful audits that certify its authenticity.

I have gold bars, gold coins, scrapped gold jewellery to sell. Who should I sell them to?

MoneyMax accepts a wide variety of items and if you are looking to sell your gold bars, gold coins, or even scrapped gold jewellery, we will always give you an honest valuation for your valuables.


If you have other queries on the buying or selling of gold, do feel free to contact any of our friendly customer service executives at MoneyMax.