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Keep Your Gold Jewellery Shiny


To maintain your gold jewellery’s lustre, here are some tips and solutions that you can adopt to care for your gold jewellery to keep it shiny.


1. Mild Cleaning - Regular wash using a soft toothbrush

Gently brush your gold jewellery and its ornaments using a soft toothbrush with a drop of toothpaste or some dishwashing liquid. Run your jewellery under warm water to loosen any grime and dirt, and gently brush off any remaining dirt. This is the mildest and the most cost-saving method of cleaning gold


2. Strong Cleaning – Salt or baking soda water bath

Salt or baking soda removes blackness from gold jewellery. Boil some water in a bowl and add some salt or baking soda. Gently dip your gold jewellery pieces in the bowl and remove it after a while. Once your jewellery pieces are taken out of the bowl, clean it with a dry cloth to remove any stubborn dirt deposits.


3. Professional Cleaning – Cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaning machine

Sending your precious gold jewellery for professional cleaning is the safest and most effective way. Bring your jewellery to a jewellery store and have it cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Your gold jewellery will be dipped in a liquid and high-frequency vibrations will be sent through the liquid to ensure that all dirt and grime are removed.

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