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3 Tips on How to Pair White Gold with Yellow Gold.


Women often have an inclination for either white gold or yellow gold, and may possibly think that they can only wear either one type at one time. It’s time to be adventurous. Mix them up!

Here are some tips to help you learn pairing white and yellow gold jewellery together.



  1. Match jewellery pieces of similar style to keep the same theme.
    Pair thin white gold rings with thin yellow gold rings. Do not pair your chunky yellow gold statement rings with thin white gold rings.
  2. Stick to simple clothing.
    Wear a plain black dress instead of a floral dress when you have on white and yellow gold necklaces together.


  1. Include a bridging piece of accessory which contains both white and yellow gold. There are many tastefully designed accessories that are made up of the two types and it will better help pair other white and yellow gold pieces to create a more put-together look.
    Pair a two-toned white and yellow gold watch with a yellow gold ring and a white gold bangle.

It does not take much effort to see that small additions of white or yellow gold can help jazz up a particular look. Try it and see what works best for you!

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