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What are Pearls?

Pearls are produced within a living shelled mollusk. There are two main types of pearls; freshwater and natural pearls.


What is the difference between freshwater and natural pearls?

Freshwater pearls are farmed in man-made lakes and reservoirs whereas natural pearls grow within oysters in the sea.

1. Luster

Freshwater pearls tend to have a softer luster as compared to natural pearls, which have a brighter, almost mirror-like luster.

2. Price

A natural mollusk can only create up to about three pearls at any one time, while a freshwater mollusk can create up to 50 pearls at once. This makes natural pearls relatively more expensive than Freshwater pearls.

3. Shape

Natural pearls tend to come in a perfectly round shape, whereas Freshwater pearls tend to be slightly irregular in shape.


What are pearls commonly used for?

Pearls are considered to be the most feminine of gems and are often used in making jewellery.

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