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16.08 Carat Rare Blue Moon Diamond sold for £$32M at Geneva Auction House

blue diamond
A 16.08 Carat Rare Blue Moon Diamond has been sold at the Geneva Auction House for £$32M. The diamond was bought by a precious gem private-collector, Hong Kong's sixth richest man Joseph Lau. Mr Joseph Lau bought the gem, and renamed it “Josephine” to honour his seven year-old daughter.
The gem was discovered in January 2014 at a Cullinan mine in South Africa, the world’s main source for blue diamonds. The precious stone was then cut and polished in New York.
Blue diamonds are extremely rare and they only make up for 0.1% of diamonds unearthed at diamond mines. The blue diamond gets its colour from chemical elements trapped in the crystal structure over time.Blue diamonds are highly sought after by precious gem collectors because of their rarity. They are often snatched up quickly despite their high prices.
The sale of the Rare Blue Moon Diamond has set a new high auction world record as the priciest gemstone sold at auctions.

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