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Pearls are arguably the most well-loved gem of all time and can be either a natural or cultured pearl. Pearls actually come in a wide variety of colours but the most familiar colours would be the white and cream.  Colour does affect the quality of a pearl but it is not the only factor in determining the pearl quality. There are altogether 6 qualities.

1. Size

Definitely, larger pearls are rarer and more valuable than smaller pearls.

2. Shape

The Rounder the shape, the more valuable is the pearl. This is because round is the most difficult shape to culture. There are exceptions too as well formed pear and oval cultured pearls are also highly prized.

3. Colour

There are actually yellow, orange and even pink pearls! The colour of a pearl doesn’t really determine the value of a pearl but the more popular the colour, the more valuable it will be.

4. Luster

Luster is the most important criteria and it is what gives a pearl its unique beauty. Pearls with excellent luster have reflections that are bright and sharp. Needless to say, the higher the luster, the more valuable the pearl.

5. Surface Quality

Surface characteristics are abrasions/dents that might look like scratches or even irregular ridges. If there are many surface characteristics, the value of the pearl will drop.

6. Nacre Quality

If nucleus is visible under the nacre, this means that the nacre is thin and this will affect the luster and durability of the pearl.

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