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Tips to Sell your Old Gold Jewellery


Are you looking to declutter your jewellery box? Do you have too much old gold jewellery that you don’t wear, and would like to sell them away? Before you sell your prized possessions, it would be good to know how your old gold jewellery’s worth is measured. 


  1. Purity

Pure gold, referred to as 24K gold, is rarely used in jewellery as it is considered too delicate. Most fine gold jewellery are 14K or 18K, and contains other forms of metals, such as silver, copper, or zinc. The mixture of other forms of metal makes the piece of jewellery strong and durable. When determining the purity of gold, the higher the number, the higher the purity. Thus, the more gold content there is in a piece of jewellery, the higher its worth. 


  1. Weight

After determining the percentage of gold in a piece of jewellery, weigh the necklace using a jeweler’s scale in grams (g). It is important to remove any parts of the jewellery that is not gold so its weight is not included. For example, exclude the pendant of the necklace if it is made of another material or a gemstone. 


  1. Current gold spot price

Current gold prices greatly affect how much you can sell your gold jewellery for. Current gold spot prices can be found online. By knowing how much is gold retailing for, you could get a decent estimation of how much is your gold jewellery worth.


Now that you have a better idea of how your old jewellery is valued, the only thing you have to do is to sell your old treasures to a reliable establishment to get the highest value for your gold! MoneyMax pays great prices for any gold items! With 37 stores located conveniently across Singapore. Head down to any of our stores and let our professional staff assist you!