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Based on a survey conducted in February 2014 by Gumtree, More than 80% of those Singaporeans surveyed are buying pre-owned items. Not only that, 76% of those surveyed are also selling goods they no longer need.

In truth, buying second-hand goods can save you a lot of money and that it is possible to save up to even 50% of the item’s original retail price. Of course, parting with your valuable or treasured item might be painful which is why MoneyMax offers you a choice of either pawning or selling the item to us. One is to sell it and get instant cash based on your item’s worth or either pawn it with us and have a chance to redeem your item back.

MoneyMax also has a wide range of pre-owned jewellery and luxury timepieces. We offer many unique styles and even some vintage picks that you do not see in the market anymore. Chances are that you’ll find an interesting piece of jewellery from MoneyMax that is only selling at a fraction of its original price.

Items like Rolex and Omega are timeless pieces that you can consider buying as their value will not decrease over time. Shop at MoneyMax now to see what we have to offer.