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Vintage design jewellery never goes out of style


Each piece of vintage jewellery has its own unique story and provenance – a living history, told through the world’s most extraordinary gems and craftsmanship.

If you are looking to purchase some vintage jewellery, look out for these 3 characteristics:


1. Authenticity

When buying vintage jewellery, look out for signature markings to ensure its authenticity. This includes any brand logos and marks on the inside and outside of the jewellery piece. For example, most white gold jewellery have either “18K” or “22K” hallmarks, while yellow gold jewellery of Asian origin usually carry “916” or “999” hallmarks, explaining the gold content of the item.     


 2. Condition

It is important to check if the piece of jewellery is in good condition. Are all the prongs and settings intact? Are they worn out? It is pretty hard to lay hands on a piece of vintage designed jewellery that has zero imperfections. Light imperfections date a piece and sometimes give it more character. At MoneyMax Jewellery, we promise a curated selection of vintage jewellery, which involves cleaning, appraisal and refurbishment, giving our customers peace of mind when they make their purchase with us.


 3. Design

Vintage jewellery pieces tend to be chunkier and are designed to be more eye-catching. Bright coloured gemstones, diamonds, gold and pearls are commonly used in vintage jewellery making.

Most of these jewellery pieces are also handmade and are impossible to replicate or reproduce, so, if you have set eyes on any, do get it before someone else does to avoid disappointment!


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