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Wearing Statement Jewellery


Have you laid eyes on some bold pieces of jewellery at MoneyMax, but do not know how and what to wear them with? Statement jewellery helps enhance a look and it takes only one eye-catching piece to make you stand out! Here’s how to use statement jewellery to your advantage!


Wear simple, plain clothes

It is wise to steer clear of heavily patterned clothes when pairing with statement jewellery. Your statement piece should be noticeable, so plain simple clothes will be ideal to keep the focus on your jewellery. Wearing a plain black dress with a bold necklace will make the jewellery stand out.


Wear only 1 or 2 bold pieces

Wearing more than 2 pieces of bold jewellery may over-crowd your look. Keep it tasteful by accessorizing with only 2 items. Wearing a statement necklace with chunky earrings may make you look too over the top as there will be too much going on around the same area.


Wear bold pieces that helps create a consistent look

It is important to choose statement jewellery that helps create a consistent look. Always choose to match similar styled jewellery with outfit. For example, pairing vintage jewellery with a romantic floral dress will help you create a consistent feminine look.


We hope you now have a better idea of how to wear your statement jewellery. Come by any of our MoneyMax Jewellery store, and let our staff assist you in getting the piece that you have always wanted!