Gold Investment

Gold Investment


Gold is one of the most prized and stable asset to invest in. Gold is a proven and accepted safe-haven and wealth preserver as its worth retains even in periods of currency crises and inflation. It is an asset that is free of counterparty risk and has historically held its purchasing power. Buying gold is also considered the best form of precious metal investment, as its worth retains even in periods of deflation. The gold market is also highly liquid, meaning you can turn it into cash almost anytime and anywhere!

Why Choose Physical Gold?

Gold is money! Physical gold is the most stable unit of account and store of value known to man. While there are a myriad of paper 'gold' solutions offered in the marketplace, most of these forms don't get you any legal ownership and possession of any physical gold and none is as safe as holding allocated gold bars or gold coins in your own possession.

Buying Gold from MoneyMax

In recent years, the production of fake and counterfeit gold bullion has been on the rise. It is important to buy from a credible dealer such as MoneyMax - your trusted partner with over 50 stores in the region. MoneyMax offers a wide range of investment grade gold coins and gold bars for sale at a competitive price. Customers can also be rest assured that these precious metals undergo careful audits that certify its authenticity.

Selling your Gold to MoneyMax

If you are looking to sell your gold bars, gold coins, or even scrapped gold jewellery, MoneyMax’s experienced valuers instore will always give you an honest valuation for your valuables. Simply head to any of our 37 stores located islandwide, or drop us a message to enquire!