1% Interest Promotion

– The 1% interest promotional interest rate is only valid:

      • When the pledge is redeemed within the first month or renewed monthly; or 
      • When the pledge is redeemed or renewed on the second month. The interest rate for the first month is 1%, while the interest rate for the second month is 1.5%

– This promotion is only valid when the pledge is redeemed or renewed by the pawner

– The 1% Interest Promotion is valid for pledges $750 and above

– Interest is charged on a full-month basis

Permitted Profit and Fees

      • The maximum interest rate chargeable is 1.5% per month (or part thereof)
      • A $2 fee is chargeable for every pawn ticket issued
      • A processing fee of $10 is chargeable for each pawn ticket replacement 

Required Documents

The following documents are required for transactions:

      • Singaporeans/PRs: NRIC
      • Foreigners: Work Permit

This notice was produced by Singapore Pawnbrokers’ Association